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Balboa South Indian Trail Brownes Addition Chief Garry Park Cliffcannon Comstock East Central Emerson Garfield Lincoln Heights Logan Manito Cannon Hill Moran Prairie Nevada-Lidgerwood North Hill Northwest Peaceful Valley Riverside Rockwood West Central West Hills "Whether you are a parent dealing with child who is acting out or an individual suffering from depression or anxiety I believe I can partner with you to find answers.I work closely with with children, adolescents and families to help them figure out how to lead happy healthier lives.As your therapist, my goal and greatest reward includes helping my clients overcome their individual challenges, heal from trauma, and improve their overall mental health.I focus on helping clients find what "normal" really entails.We are "neuroplasticians," teaching the whole person, fostering new possibilities for each patient. Norman Doidge, "The Brain that Changes Itself" and "The Brain's Way of Healing".Also, "The Potent Self" and "The Case of Nora" by Dr.

As a cognitive behavioral psychologist, I help my clients seek solutions and tools they can take away with them to utilize in their busy worlds.""I counsel adults and teens. I see therapy as creating a safe atmosphere to explore avenues to make changes in life.

We question our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.