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09-Nov-2020 09:07

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“25 Ways To Seduce A Man”; “What Men Want (and How to Give it to Them)”; “Recipes for Seducing Your Man”; “Makeup Looks Men Love”; etc.

Pretty much every article I came across offered female readers advice on ways to improve their looks or their whole self for the benefit of men.

Last week, I was asked to write a piece about sexism on the internet.

I didn’t think it would be a particularly difficult task – after all, how often do you come across websites so retrograde that they stir deep hatred of our depraved, misogynist society that you didn’t even know you had in you? Other blogs had done all the hard work for me by putting together a selection of the very worst of the internet – from “Misogynistic Lyrics That Aren’t Rap” (does what it says on the tin) to my personal favourite, Bitch Make Me A Sandwich, in which tweets from people who post the hilarious phrase “make me a sandwich, bitch” on their accounts are paired with another one of their often mundane and revealing tweets.

​Since 2012, Sexy Pizza has supported the development of hundreds of young leaders in the drug policy reform movement.

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Sexy Pizza has provided a consistent source of community support through the years to the Harm Reduction Action Center.Is it that surprising, then, that sexism on the internet thrives and grows every day, if even the publications of today’s post-militant feminist society end up doing little more than strengthening the conception of women as men-pleasers – and men as simple receivers?Don’t let your boss or government block you from your favorite sites.The real surprise came when I ran out of sexist websites and had to resort to Google to find more.

I took a wild guess and Googled a few keywords that I thought would lead me to horrid, misogynist websites written by retrograde cavemen; so I started with the straightforward “what men want”, followed by “sexy Halloween costumes” and “girls kitchen men”.Sexy Pizza’s pies fuel our community when we serve them at events and through the financial contributions generated by purchases of the Sexy Sheik.And even if that weren’t all true, I’d still order a Sexy Sheik every time I crave pizza, because that thing is [email protected]%*#! Sexy Pizza is one of the most forward thinking and dynamic businesses in Denver!From donating pizza to our events to proceeds from pizza sales, Sexy Pizza has been an outstanding community partner.

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