Love sex and dating part 2

11-Jan-2021 07:40

Here things get more complicated, because humans are a special species with “dual mating dynamic” – a male can either have casual sex and leave a woman a single mother, or he can invest in his offspring – feed, teach and protect them.

While many people have rudimentary understanding of the concept, many are confused why the partner does not show behavior consistent with one of these mating dynamics.

Some studies found 94% correlation between male ratings of females.

In other words, if a person is objectively a 7 (attractive), most people would rate that person as a 7, few would rate as 6 or 8, but noone would rate this person as a 4.

All in one easy-to-remember acronym: the word BASICS We’re taught that the most important key to finding love is to make ourselves more attractive.

As seductive as that message sounds, it’s really just self-doubt in a sexy outfit.

In this episode I’ll guide you through the basics of each of these steps and help you apply them to your own life and search for love. No matter whether you’re in early dating or long-term love, there are research-backed tools to deepen sexual desire while creating closeness, affection and romantic thrill.

If you want to combine, risk, skills, insight and dating adventures, don’t miss these three practices. You’ll also learn more about yourself, take some fabulous risks, and have fun in the process. In this episode you’ll learn how to spark deep love, profound bonding and sexual deliciousness in your relationship.

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You know, African savannah, running around in a loincloth, singing around campfire in a tribe of 60 people.While you find that super dorky nerd who seems to always be around repulsive?Think on these no further, for I’m about to tell you why 🙂 You have a special neural circuit deep down inside your brain that helps you analyze and quantify the people you meet. They are difficult, complicated, rewarding and sometimes befuddling. Once this something is achieved, you think that the happily ever after will finally arrive.

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