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14-Aug-2020 02:25

So, more and more designers now turn to full-screen videos as a way to capture people’s attention, create the needed atmosphere and give an instant view on the product or service that is offered.Diverse promo and explainer videos also get a high presence on webpages and mobile screens.Hero images are not a kind of modern-day invention: for recent years, they have been used for making web pages clear, elegant, catchy and meaningful.No wonder: hero images improve perception as most users notice and decode images much faster than words, so the picture is not only the element of attraction but also an informative part of the page, providing a quick visual message about the content.Now designers find the good level of contrast to make the navigation visible and legible instead of marking out special zones with another background.

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As well as the integration of diverse video content into the web layouts.

It can be explained, perhaps, with the higher flexibility of illustrations for user experience design goals.

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