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30-Nov-2020 01:14

The ‘business case’ for CSR is a leading topic of discussion within the larger CSR debate, all over the world.It is encouraging to note that several companies in various different countries have moved well beyond discussion, into planning and implementing strategies to embed CSR into business operations.Conviction leads to commitment, which in turn spells the success of the ‘business case’ for CSR.This article, while not a case study per se, examines how one company in Pakistan is driven by such a commitment and is undertaking a project that aims at significantly reducing its environmental footprint, while paying back into the company directly.At first the internal energy guidelines of Tetra Pak were thoroughly examined.Then load flow study for consumption dynamics and energy audit reports were evaluated.Accurate data collection in fact proved to be biggest challenge faced by the team, but it was clear that without accurate data, the whole study and its findings and recommendations could be severely compromised.

Now Tetra Pak Pakistan is focusing on an area, reduction in energy usage, which is deeply significant for a number of reasons.

For the head office previous electricity bills were taken into consideration.

Research was conducted to ascertain various options of alternative energy.

Not only is this the ‘need of the hour’ all over the world, especially for high energy usage businesses, it is particularly vital in the Pakistani context, where the country is facing a huge shortfall of energy of 3000 to 4000 megawatts, or about 25 percent of demand, and with no long-term solution in sight.

Any business that works towards significantly reducing its energy consumption is therefore doing a national service.

Many in fact are already even reaping the benefits.

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