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16-Feb-2021 18:06

A: Most cyber crime is driven by classic business principles, like return-on-investment and targeted marketing.

So, yes, you will see malware on porn sites that leverages video display software.

But Stephen Cobb, a senior researcher in the San Diego office of ESET, has a lot of insight on the matter.

He’s studied the interconnection between porn and the internet for more than 30 years.

They’re questions many ponder, but most are too embarrassed to answer: Are internet porn sites filled with malicious software?

And what are the best ways to prevent the malware from ending up on your computer or smartphone?

Q: Does a person face an unusually high risk of downloading malicious software — or malware — if they visit a porn site? Porn sites generally don’t have more malware than other kinds of sites. They keep click-click-clicking on links that promise free, high-definition porn.

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A: A good security suite will be able to remove most malware infections and should also come with free phone support.

A: While that risk does exist, there are some limiting factors.

The creation, possession, or distribution of child pornography carries very serious penalties, not to mention social condemnation, even in some criminal circles, and one would hope this limits its use in malware schemes.

Q: Do hackers develop malware that targets people who use these sites?

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And is the malware more sophisticated than you would find on other types of sites?Alternatively, they should use a Chromebook or a cheap secondhand Windows 7 laptop that has no personal information or banking/shopping/email/file-sharing apps on it.And they should be prepared to hit the off switch the moment anything weird happens.A: Users should ignore this message and they should not call the toll free phone number that typically appears with it.

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